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12 September 2008 @ 03:45 pm
Chapter Three Sora(Sky)  
Author: angelronin
Title: Shiki No Ai (Four Seasons of Love)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters of Mai-hime I don't claimer ownership to except my original characters Haruki

X-post to 30_kisses, chiexaoi

A month passes in current school year where students attending their classes. Aoi hurried toward her class voiding being late. “I overslept and Haruki-san left without waking me up.” Aoi thought about her room mate. She got in at her sit before start of homeroom.

At same time Chie was at her homeroom doodling on some paper having her mind preoccupy. Chie is aware Aoi liking her and compound the problem in fact Chie found herself loving the smaller girl. That kiss awoke something within her; Chie is trying not thinking about it.

When their classes over at end of the day; Both Chie and Aoi hanging at the usual spot in the forest. “How your day went, Chie?” Ask Aoi inquiringly. Chie is looking at Aoi’s features and studying her face she caught herself. “What happened to me?” Aoi is seeing Chie staring at her.

“You’re paid attention to me, Chie?” This is causing her focus back to Aoi. “Um I’m sorry my mind is somewhere else.” Chie starting mentally belittle herself. “Chie what wrong? You seem distracted. You have trouble with one of your classes; I can help you with tutoring.” Aoi smiles cutely. Chie give a faint blush by her smile

“T-Thanks for the offer Aoi-chan but I don’t have ant trouble with my classes.” Chie stumble with her words. Aoi is giving a soft sigh and start eating her bento. Chie watching the clouds in the sky and count the clouds in her head.

“Chie you never touch your bento at first place. You lost your appetite?” Aoi’s words snap Chie from her reverie. Something deep within her like an unseen force making Chie walks toward Aoi and start kissing her. First Aoi was startling by Chie’s actions then reciprocal the kiss. They kiss about few minutes or so it seems longer than that. Chie broke up the kiss and shocked by her own actions.

“Aoi I don’t know what came over me.” She left and ran. “Chie why you’re running away from me, you’re afraid me?” Aoi touch her lips.

Chie ran as fast she could with her mind in state of confusion. “What possessing me to kiss her? I don’t want be in love, I don’t want experience the pain ever, I only want be alone.” Chie ran to her dorm and broke down crying. Her heartache when thinking about Aoi and she blame the kiss, she want seal these feelings up forever by denying the truth she loves Senoh Aoi.

“Dammit! I don’t know I truly want. I wish we haven’t crossed the line. Now things can’t go back the way it was.” Her mask is broken revel her true self.

Aoi walk back the girls’ dorm thinking what transpire between them. She isn’t denying her feelings for the tomboy she realize they are rushing and never considerate about Chie’s feelings. After last month “confession” Aoi isn’t sure herself that she’s ready a relationship at this point of her short life.

The week went fast for both of them and the weekend approaching. They haven’t either talk or hanging with each other after the incident.

“What the problem kiddo? I seeing you in a depression state isn’t like you, Aoi-chan.” Haruki is worrying for her younger room mate. “You two enjoy each other company have something happened between you and her.”

Aoi stops what she is doing and looks at Haruki. “Me and Chie kiss for the second time and she initiative it but she broken it off and left.” Aoi is trying to think a way repair their friendship. “I having mix feelings reside in me. I do love her? I want fix our friendship for my shake.” Haruki thought about for moment. “Well you had tried talk to her?”

“She is avoiding me and I can’t reach through her cell phone.” Aoi is absentmindedly playing her hands. “This too confusing for me and I don’t know the cause? It simple infatuation that she was confuse for love? Or something deep and indescribable emotion I’m experiencing?” She starts questioning herself.

Haruki was lost for words and can’t get any advice to Aoi. Chie feel absolute miserable in past few days with her world in shambles add mix emotions and teenage angst. She cursing at any gods she can think of for her damn predicament. Chie only want enjoy her teenage years without complication, romantic entanglement and clichés involving two girls are in love with each other never admitting their attraction or feelings toward to the other. She flips over her cell phone and found five messages from Aoi.

“She still try to reach me, I shouldn’t ignore her. I own her an apology.” Chie is thinking about her innermost thoughts. “I can’t mope around rest of my life and avoiding her. Sooner or later I have face Aoi.

Aoi is walking to their secret spot feeling depress what happened past few days adding her own emotional anguish. She hopes that everything would be fine at the end but Aoi delusion herself they stuck between love and pain.

Chie is sitting at the tree. “Kami-sama must have a killer sense of humor.” Chie laughs at the absurd situation.

When Aoi got there she found Chie. “What she’s doing here?” Aoi start to panic.

“Aoi I figure you would come here to meditate about us. As I can see we’re in the same situation please sit down talk.” Chie is motioning Aoi to come over.

There an awkward silence between them either one won’t initial the conversation then Chie spoke up. “Emotionally we are stuck between friends and not so friends.” Aoi try figure what the hell Chie talking about. “After we kissed twice and yes enjoy both of them. Anyway you and I rushing into a relationship we weren’t ready yet because we are young. I was confused with conflicting emotions with myself and I was afraid getting my heart broken.” Aoi is learning this new revelation. “I’m a lesbian and I love you Aoi but I fear you rejecting me and ending our friendship.” Chie is waiting for a reaction.

“Well you silly fool I love you both as a friend and a girlfriend I don’t care you are a girl I still your friend.” She is giving Chie a fierce hug. “We sort stuck between not quite friends, not quite lovers territory.” Say Chie with humor. “Well you got Chiesexual by me, Aoi.”

Aoi start laughing at her newfound girlfriend Chie’s attempt at humor. “What is so funny, Aoi?”

“Your attempt of making a joke fails you badly. Chieseuxal? Jeez that was corny.” Aoi is now laughing uncontrolled. “Y-You got me laughing now, I-I can’t stop.” Aoi is wiping her tears from laughter.

After they return to their respect rooms, Aoi is happily fixing lunch. “Someone is a very happy camper today. You resolve with Chie-san with your problems.” Haruki was glad seeing Aoi after being depress for couple of days. “Haruki-san guess what? Me and Chie are unofficially a couple in Fuka Academy,” Haruki nearly choke on the apple she was eating.

Chie is very good mood after holding love at arm’s length with her friend and new found love, Aoi with the burden of world off her shoulders and finally someone understand the real her. They decide take baby steps in their relationship (They far too young to have sex yet.)

The joyous mood shatters when her cell phone is ringing. “Hello?” Chie is suddenly feeling angry when she recognizes the voice on the phone.

“Hello Chie-chan you never call your own mother you ungrateful little bitch. Today is your father’s birthday and you never call him and wish him a happy birthday. He finally taking a vacation to be here and you won’t knowledge your own flesh and blood.” Chie silently hates her mother.

“I see you greet your perfect little daughter today as usual,” Say Chie with venom in her voice. “At this moment I’m happy living away from that hellhole calling home. You think I just your personal doll to dress up and parade around to your stuck up friends, mother I’m my own person whom I found my personal happiness and I glad I took the scholarship to Fuka Academy so don’t criticize me where you’re too busy chasing your damn fail dreams,” Chie slams her cell phone against the wall after turning her mother off.

“Damn her why she always ruin what little happiness I have achieved,” She start crying once more.