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My-HiME/My Otome Shoujo-Ai Community

A Mai-HiME/Otome fanfic/fanart phreak hangout
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


(god knows, there are always freaking rules..)

- First and foremost, RESPECT EVERYONE! I don't want to have to lay the smackdown on flamers, dissers and nuisances. It kills the fun for everyone. Just be cool and enjoy good art, good writing and good people.

- Introductory posts are permitted. Take a few secs to say hi to all of us fan-phreaks.

- We're open to art mediums of all types, and all ratings and all pairings, just please remember to warn others about explicit material and PLEASE lj-cut long works and ALL graphics for the sake of expediency (and sometimes the mods' sanity).

- This is a yuri/shoujo-ai community. Therefore, any trolling, bashing or bigot-like actions? Not allowed. There will be no warnings. If you break this rule, you WILL banned. No questions, no arguments. So don't go there.

- Please, ladies and gentlemen, let's all be civil to each other. No drama. Mods hate drama. If someone breaks the rules, the mods will take care of it. There isn't a need for the other members' to get involved.

- Please put any and all spoilers behind LJ-Cuts. This is done out of respect for those who've not seen the series' in their entirety.

- Please no advertisements for your community in the comments. If you want to affiliate or advertise your community with ours, just contact one of the mods and we'll link you.

- PLEASE do your best to obey the rules. We don't ask much. Repeated rule breaking will result in banning. It sucks to have to be that way but...them's the breaks.

- Mods reserve the right to change the rules according to the phases of the moon, when the wind blows up their collective skirts or if we're mistreated in the most unsavory manner.

All of that aside, please feel free to post your work and enjoy others. We hope that everyone will feel comfortable here in the Land Of My-Hime/Otome Shoujo-ai.