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29 May 2008 @ 09:24 pm
Border's Line - A Multi-fandom RPG  
Just dropping a line that a new rpg, a totally yuri rpg, is starting called Border's Line. It's totally multi-fandom so any character is welcome, included original ones, the only rule is that the only male characters are teachers - it is after all a yuri community.

To the Parents:
Welcome to Lerich, and welcome to Roth Academy for young women, I am Headmistress Lukain. We here at Roth pride ourselves on the quality education we provide to students around the world, and no one is truly comparable. Our location, a manmade island southwest of Europe in the Atlantic, Lerich, helps provide a controlled atmosphere to ensure student safety and promote learning. It is also a non native site, so it promotes the melding of cultures.

Roth Academy is on the southern tip of Lerich, gated from the rest of the large island's cities, but those cities are available under proper circumstances. An airport as well as a seaport provide excellent access under all weather conditions, and Lerich also has generative and produced supplies for any and all emergencies.

Students at Roth have many opportunities with dozens of clubs and activities monitored by our numerous and highly trained staff. Classes are taught by the top teacher's of each field, and nearly every field is accounted for, no matter how obscure. We at Roth do our utmost best to provide to the unique needs of every student that walks through our gates.
(Males need not apply :P - note, if you desperately want a male character, teachers can be male)

To the Students:
Welcome to Roth where all manner of girls and women are welcomed no matter their race or power. I am your headmistress Lukain, and it seems we have a few things to straighten out. All paperwork must be turned into the Front Desk before acceptance is completed, if you are not sure, or if you need time to complete your paperwork, the Front Desk has a receptionist for Reserving Characters.

Your uniform should be worn during classes, but outside of that it is up to your own discretion. For Day Class students you will be wearing orange cream colored skirt/pants with a orange cream colored vest/sweater and a white collared shirt/blouse. For Night Class students, you will be wearing a black skirt/pants with a black vest/sweater and a blue collared shirt. The Roth crest which is on display on the left corner of your vest/sweater should not be tampered with or altered in any way.

Roth Academy also has some rules in which you must memorize and know. There is a strict curfew of 8pm within the campus; if you are outside the campus it is decided by your chaperone on a case by case basis. Staying in another person's room is not allowed, especially between Night and Day dorms. Roth young women are polite and gentile, so there are no untoward displays of affection within the campus or without. All teachers can, and will, act as a chaperone when any rule is being broken or to curb behavior that is unbecoming of a lady.

That is all for now, I do hope you decide to join us here at Roth Academy for young women.

The Premise

Roth Academy is located on a man made island, and is an all girl's school for magical and non magical students. There are two 'classes' of students: the day class and the night class. The day class consists of human or humanoid characters that exhibit no untoward magical abilities, meaning they look and seem normal, but the night class is full of those who cannot, or do not, want to blend in. They may have unusual features marking them as mystical, or simply they prefer being surrounded by magical beings; as long as one does not reveal themselves to the majority of the day class as being magical, they may be a part of it. Simply put, it is a place where all fandoms are welcome to join.

The Plot
Accept for 'triggered events,' there is no laid down plot, however many characters come with conflicts that can arise and become plot points for them as they interact with other characters. There are some 'triggered events' that help give ideas and spark side plots. 'Triggered events' are events that are posted into the community by the mod, and usually detail a little adventure or mishap that affects all of the characters playing. The affect can be big or small, but really, it is only used to keep the game moving.

The Place
Lerich is a manmade island, but it isn't exactly a small place. It has dozens of large cities and is compared often to places such as Japan and Sicily in geographical structure. The nearest city to Roth is Tagette, which on the spectrum of things, is a rather nice area. Notable places in Tagette are Rasar, a well known and frequented diner and Shibuya, a large shopping outlet. Note - characters can actually create stores and such as long as they add it to the City Map.

Roth Academy is on the southern end of Lerich, and is gated off with old looking stone gates, however the gates are monitored by the 'Executive Committee' so it's not as easy to slip through as it looks. On the left end of the Academy is a sheer drop cliff framed by the sea, and on the right a forest that turns into a rather secluded sheltered beached area.

The academy building themselves are laid out in a 'U' shape, dormitories of the Night class the left side wing, and dormitories of the Day class on the right. In the middle are the classrooms themselves and a cafeteria. Behind the first lay of buildings, the 'U' bloc as it's called, there is another bloc, the 'D' bloc. Behind the Night dorms is the faculty quarters, and to the right of that is a large gym field. To the right of the field is a scattered arc of buildings such as the indoor gym, the large storage rooms and some more classrooms that needed a more remote space.

The People
There are no true 'natives' to Lerich, but the first country to 'settle' the area was actually France with Japan hot on its heels - hence the French name 'Lerich'. In the cities every language imaginable is conglomerated there, and the people have begun to pick up necessary words in several different languages, though the predominant is still English and French. Just as the academy is separated night from day, the city itself seems to be reborn every night. Lerich has two types of denizens, magical and not, and both seem intent on ignoring the presence of the other.


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